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    Why cant we report topics too?

    Hi all.

    Can we have that as an option, there seems to be a lot of spam topics on the forum. wrong language or just shitposting.

    Anothere thing that would be great, if we had a means to mark someone on topic page/reply, so we can track it and see more easily how much they are doubleposting and such?

    Any thoughts, mods/admins???

    14 february 2019 12:09 1628

    I agree. i saw a post that literally just says "Roblox is cancer :D :D :D :D :D :D :D"

    14 february 2019 12:13 1628

    ^ what she said

    14 february 2019 20:35 1628

    Thank you, closingthe topic.

    14 february 2019 21:59 1628

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