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    No voting points???

    Hi guys, i am getting frustrated with doing all the work and not getting any points for voting/checking articles! Is this a common occurrence here???

    14 february 2019 08:52 1628

    dont worry you are not alone

    14 february 2019 09:43 1628

    i wish some mods would reply here so we can get to the bottom of all of this :(

    14 february 2019 11:32 1628

    @freemilosevic ; ill answer you this question, if you want to become a verified voter which isnt mentioned any where in the instructions manual i believe if i am not correct hopefully some one does correct me and i will apologize if i am sending the wrong info here ; you need to kinda vote for articles consistently as soon as the new day begins which means new login time the time period where you get login sgs and do this activity every day so to get you verified i think it takes about 30 to 60 days if i am not wrong, cause for me this isnt working either i voted for over 2 weeks yet i got 0 sgs to show for it; hope this clears it out atleast to let you know that you are not alone.

    14 february 2019 12:27 1628

    I'm sure the system is being worked on right now. People like to spam the plagiarism button in order to get their SG instead of helping people get their works out on the platform. I'm hoping it may be a precautionary measure.

    15 february 2019 01:09 1628

    i received my voting gems - after 3 days of my first voting bundle. I thought it was immediate and had written to Misty, who clarified that our votes are then checked by mods. You have to mark the articles correctly and not just mark as plagiarism or excellent if they really aren't....maybe that's why you guys haven't received anything?

    15 february 2019 02:41 1628

    Another thing, sometimes, posting a comment doesnt work.
    You click on the leave comment and it cleares it, but there is no text???

    15 february 2019 06:29 1628

    Attention @all, you will get your SG after the article accepts or reject.

    15 february 2019 10:17 1628

    Still no points, i am quiting this untill its fixed.

    16 february 2019 08:20 1628

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