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    Metro Last Light

    I am very excited today cause I am going to review one of my most favorite games of all time. The Name of that game is 'Metro Last Light' also known as 'Metro 2034'. Let's get started.

    Metro Last Light

    Developer: 4A Games.

    Publisher: Deep Silver.

    Release Date: May 14, 2013.

    Genre: First-person shooter.

    Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Linux, Macintosh operating system.


    Metro Last Light, also known as 'Metro 2034' is a first-person shooter and post-apocalyptic game. Its developed by Ukranian studio 4A Games. The gameplay of  Metro Last Light is pretty much same to its prequel. Military grade bullets serve as in-game currency. You will need a gas mask and some filters for going up on the surface. The moral point's system is also the same.  But they have also added some new things. Like the watch.

    I love this watch. This watch has a light indicator which lights up when you are visible to your enemies. The most important think about this watch is when you have your gas mask on, it will show you much longer your filter will last. But when you are not wearing a gas mask, it will show your local time. Yes! It will show the time of your cloak which is very cool! Sometimes the demons will catch you and throw you somewhere else.

    (The Demon)
    They have also improved the stealth system from the previous game. Now, you can take out the lights by shooting at them or by turning them off. The stealth is now very rewarding. You can also use your guns instead.

    Metro Last Light 
    is a sequel of Metro 2033. It is based on the novel 'Metro 2034' by Dmitry Glukhovsky. It is set one year after the events of the prequel.  Metro Last Light follows the ending of Metro 2033 where you kill all the dark ones by raining nuclear bombs on them. One year later, Khan(Who ones saved Artyom in the prequel) showed up and told Artyom that he found a Dark one in the ruins of the botanical garden. So, Artyom was sent there with a sniper to kill the Dark one. He saw that it was just a baby Dark one.

      When he finally caught the Dark one, he got knocked out by it. The Dark one showed him how he survived that nuclear bomb's rain. When he woke up, he found himself on the base of the Nazis. The story then begins. I am ending this section here because I don't want to spoil the story for you.

    The graphics of this game is truly amazing. They have improved the faces of the NPCs and facial animations. The world of the metro is also well polished. Still, if this game feels too old for you then you can try the Redux version.

    This game's atmosphere is better than any other post-apocalyptic game. From the darkness of the metro tunnels to the horrors of the surface, 4A Games has done a great job making all of these. 

    Its atmosphere makes it a true post-apocalyptic game.

    The soundtracks of Metro Last Light are truly amazing(especially the main theme). This game features some great soundtracks like 'Heart in a bottle', 'Caprice 24' and also some intense soundtracks like 'Scorching flames'. These soundtracks make the game truly immersive. 

    Metro Last Light 
    is one of a kind. Personally, I like Metro series more than Fallout. Anyway, let's get back to score. I would score this game a 10/10(Masterpiece).

    Thanks a lot for reading my article. I Hope that you enjoyed it :)

    13 february 2019 07:18 1625

    Great Writing :)

    13 february 2019 07:29 1625

    This game was a bit scary for me

    13 february 2019 14:09 1625

    Wasn't that a wonderful story in the news about METRO LAST LIGHT.

    15 february 2019 09:40 1625

    It is a decent game, I had lots of fun with it in its early days on steam. Fun with friends too.

    15 february 2019 20:51 1625

    Great article for a great game :)

    15 february 2019 21:01 1625

    @beniamin Play the game :)

    16 february 2019 12:56 1625

    @XenozB4ST your article good but sad it post on form

    16 february 2019 13:03 1625

    Really like the ideas you had in your article

    16 february 2019 13:56 1625

    wow this is pretty good

    16 february 2019 15:38 1625

    someone has seen the greatness as well. great review

    18 february 2019 01:14 1625

    Play the new one if you can ;)

    21 february 2019 01:59 1625

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