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    The Problem With Articles

    Over the past two days, I have given multiple hours of my time to writing articles. I find it fun to share my ideas and opinions on games and I decided to throw my hands into the "Bioshock" and "Fallout" category. Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours writing about my experience with the Fallout franchise and I'll be honest; it wasn't the most impressive thing I've written. I mainly explained my interests in the series and why I enjoyed it so much- and why you should enjoy it too. It got rejected at about 2 in the morning and so I just thought that it wasn't that good. It was understandable; my first article. What isn't cool however, is me spending around 4 hours writing a retrospective piece on the Bioshock series only for it to get rejected. I took great care to not put spoilers and forced interests upon the article and I made sure that it would be for the people. I used italics and bolding in order to make my article pop- along with photos from the Bioshock series to go along with it. It was a rather nice piece compared to my Fallout work, so I'd expect it to at least do half decent. What I didn't expect - was to wait 5 hours only to see that it was rejected due to "Plagiarism and Spam". Really? I'd spent hours of my time putting in the effort to make it at least somewhat interesting. I couldn't imagine anyone actually reading it and saying, "Man- I've seen points like this before. That's plagiarism" I can only see someone going to their articles to spam the "Plagiarism" button in order to get their voting gems for the day. I can understand my piece getting rejected do to uninterest or maybe the one gripe here and there, but for my hard work to go to waste that easily puts me in a tough spot. Has anyone else had this problem? I can't be the only one, I'm sure.

    12 february 2019 01:49 1628

    The only article referring to Bioshock on here, is a review of Bioshock Infinite- and it's not rejected by an automated system.

    12 february 2019 01:54 1628

    Mate, you can't write an article about your feeling, moderator will not accept it! See the treat "How to get your article accepted from moderator point of view" If you want write about your feeling

    13 february 2019 00:21 1628

    Your article will be posted on treat! And you can write it again!

    13 february 2019 00:22 1628

    Sorry, You can't write it again.

    13 february 2019 00:22 1628

    I wasn't writing about my feeling at all. If it were to be deleted for that reason, it would have been under the category specifically for that. I'm confused in what you're trying to explain though.

    13 february 2019 00:23 1628

    i made an artical about pubg and a relly accuret one too and it didn't make it

    13 february 2019 00:28 1628

    I had an article rejected, reason given was spelling mistakes - I had none! I can see how someone would abuse the Plagiarism button but spelling mistakes, really? I do have the use of spellcheck! To this day I am unsure and also not sure how articles are accepted or rejected as I have seen many plagiarised, boring, atrociously spelt and frankly poor attempts of a sentence articles being published. There are many that can barely put a coherent sentence together in comments and yet they have had published articles where it is obvious plagiarism because of the use of their words, yet difficult to prove. Some articles blatanlty marked as plagiarised with sources given, yet published. This makes me put it down to luck of the draw and I am not sure how thoroughly articles and their comments are checked from Gamehag's side, so I wouldn't get too disheartened. The best I can advise you is to ask one of the Mods to check it - there are a few names in various articles on the forum or you can contact them on Discord. You can also check your voted comments on a phone, so maybe you can get feedback that way but at the moment most of us are just left in the air about rejected articles.

    13 february 2019 01:21 1628

    Of my 8 articles, only the second one (Bastion review) has been rejected; like twice, actually. I too have put hours on my articles, and I try to make them as fun as I can. I guess my articles are kinda creative sometimes, although having the same structure always. Or I'm lucky. Or both!
    And if any of you didn't know: clicking the spam/plagiarism button DOES NOT give you the voting SG. It just kicks the article off from your review list.
    You can always talk to a mod, maybe even give them a glimpse to the original work (I recommend you write the article on Google Docs to have a backup, and to easy copy-paste unto the page text editor). If you did a good job, then rest assured that you have a compelling argument. If not, well, then you deserved to be rejected.

    Also! Quick question, How do you guys check out the article comments on your phone? I've tried A LOT and I've never been able to do that!

    13 february 2019 07:57 1628

    The most annoying thing is that you can't see the user comments when your article gets denied.

    13 february 2019 11:40 1628

    @ranzacado - Aah! I didn't know that you didn't get gems for plagiarised articles - I thought it counted towards your quota too. Also your comment " If not, well, then you deserved to be rejected." - bit harsh aren't you? :p

    Anyway, I only put in 2 articles and the rejection for spelling mistakes is absolutely wrong, English is my first language and I have received many accolades in the past for my writing....but anyway I haven't bothered re-submitting at the moment. Tbh, after seeing a lot of blatantly plagiarised published articles and nobody removing it, but the writer writing more articles I decided to not participate in the writing side for this site.

    I also don't use a phone for Games or Gamehag so I also cannot see the comments and so don't know what spelling mistakes there were, but its whatever right now. I'm happy with things as they run at the moment

    13 february 2019 19:18 1628

    that does suck, many people are putting hours into it and unfairly arent getting anything back. and all for 300 gems sksk

    13 february 2019 21:06 1628

    you can get upto 1000 gems but yeah if they can sort out n clean up the blatant plagiarisers then the interest of writing articles here will come back again, till then its blah!

    14 february 2019 00:00 1628

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