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    World War Rising

    WWR is a beautiful strategy mobile game that gives you a roll of the commander in time of vehicle, tanks,aircraft and rockets.
    With help of your allies (or not), your mission is conquer enemys and be top commander in the modern warfare world.
    On your disposal to be the best you have hero and rockets. That will help you to destroy high prizes minions or real player enemies.

    WWR gameplay:

    As you start the game you will be guided by WWR tutorial guide. Pretty much similar to other click to build games. 
    A few big difference from the rest of games is the rocket that you have on disposal that helps you gather resources faster.
    The second difference is the game gold currency. If you like playing the game and give it some time you don't need to spend any real money to get your Power Level high. Because with few tasks you can get it pretty enough, like from random chests that appear every 5-10min and free Combat Sim awards.
    The third thing is using the fule for base shield don't cost much and teleport is cheaper in compares of other games.

    WWR how to get Power Level 50k+ Fast

    When game starts don't follow game tips what to build. It will take to many resources from you that is quite necessary for your leveling.

    The main thing is to send your hero out (put gear that you have on him ) and attack the closest level 1- P51Mustang (NPC) one time. DON'T press max attack it will overkill it and you lose all stamina.
    Don't forget to attack immediately with your hero after he comes back.
    Because when you build buildings you get XP and you will want to spend all stamina before leveling up ( replenish stamina when leveling).
    Meanwhile, join an Alliance and you start to build your resource building: 
    Quarry: 9x 
    Mine Craft: 6x
    Lumber mile: 5x
    Food farm: 5x
    Power plant: 9x (later rest)

    Research: Economics (continue to build that research tree to level 3 max whenever you can, don't research combat or something else).
    Now start to upgrade resources building one by one on the next level. After you upgrade them all on level 2, repeat the step for level 3 and etc. till you need to upgrade CC. Press on CC and build buildings ONLY that you need to progress CC nothing more. Don't forget on your hero to attack all the time!!!
    By this time you should have Hero level 3 and you get new items for him. Put all items that give you reduces construction time. That will allow you to upgrade the building to level 8 without waiting.
    With this, you should have like 15k - 20k Power and like 3 hour spent time and lack of stone. If you register an account you should have enough to buy 500k stone, buy it and continue build and research.
    Power level: 18k+

    After 8-10 hours gameplay, you will be on like 30k more or less. You will notice that your Power level will be getting up slower. Start using your loyalty for 25% faster food production on 24h.
    Now start research Hero and Missel Strike tree ( better Hero 1st it's cheaper and faster) that will give you a lot of Power level.
    After 16-18 hours of gameplay time you should be on Power level 50k+.

    Power level: 50k+


    GL HF :D

    11 february 2019 11:42 1625

    So this task in wall of fear does giving you SGs when you complete it?

    11 february 2019 11:55 1625

    I hate this kinds of games because they are too similiar with other types, like atleast make it somewhat different than the others.

    18 february 2019 05:20 1625

    I seldom play mobile games. Maybe it's a good game.

    18 february 2019 14:42 1625

    i think this game is soo scary

    20 february 2019 09:08 1625

    i like the game

    20 february 2019 12:07 1625

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