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    Is Apex Legends worth playing?

    I don't really play many Battle Royales atm, I got bored of Fortnite, I haven't tried PUBG, I gave up H1Z1. Ring of Elysium is fine but I haven't played it much. Is Apex Legends worth playing over other BR games ?

    10 february 2019 13:25 1628

    yes, apex legends is good game mabey it was a little bit different then the other battle royal games like PUBG or fortnit but stil good and i think it have the same game play for blackout

    10 february 2019 15:40 1628

    Okay, I was thinking the same for it being pretty much alike with blackout but with more futuristic weapons like in destiny. Thanks for the advice still.

    10 february 2019 15:52 1628

    Everyone I know enjoys Apex Legends. I only hear that it won't beat Fortnite, but to me it might have the chance. The more players, the better. (It's also better than EA's last couple of games and it's free so, I'd pick it up.)

    11 february 2019 02:35 1628

    yes it does

    11 february 2019 03:03 1628

    I haven't played the game yet but i've seen some gameplay of it, it's seems fun and looks better than fortnite. Try it out since it's free!

    11 february 2019 21:03 1628

    The game is not bad played it a little bit i hope they dont EA the game and make it full of microtransactions. All in all its great i dont like battle royale games that much but this one is not half bad.

    11 february 2019 22:26 1628

    Yes! deffinetly worth it! :)

    12 february 2019 06:47 1628

    yeah,that's a good game for you.

    12 february 2019 14:45 1628

    Yes, very good game . I liked

    12 february 2019 22:44 1628

    25 million people said yes to the game, so yes the answer is yes

    12 february 2019 22:46 1628

    despite being another battle royale, it outputs a really fun experience with characters that have unique abilities. Also it runs very smoothly to run into compared to newer AAA games

    13 february 2019 23:22 1628

    Best battle royale ever,better than fortnite and pubg

    23 february 2019 19:59 1628

    You're ads on gamehag! @marina_nikola

    7 march 2019 12:57 1628

    Yeah, you should really try it out, to your and the game's limits!! :)

    7 march 2019 18:36 1628

    Really should Try APEX out. Really cool game, and I love it. It even beat fortnite, and I can see why!

    7 march 2019 18:57 1628

    I never played but my friends say it's good

    7 march 2019 20:10 1628

    yeah its a fun game

    8 march 2019 09:26 1628

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