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    apex legends battle royal

    I just saw this game recently and I am in love

    6 february 2019 17:26 1628

    Im eager to play it.

    6 february 2019 19:22 1628

    Is this free?

    6 february 2019 23:00 1628

    it IS free to play, albeit I've heard it has something resembling loot boxes, but still. Only things I've heard 'bout the game is positive comments

    7 february 2019 06:26 1628

    Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, recently announced that Apex Legends has been able to attract more than 2.5 million users in a very short time.

    Recently, Apex Legends has been able to attract one million users on its first day of launch. According to the latest gaming news, Andrew Wilson has said Apex Legends has been able to cross 2.5 million users for less than 48 hours.
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    7 february 2019 13:14 1628

    respawn entertainment studio recently announced that the number of Apex Legends players has reached 10 million.
    The interesting point is that this record was registered by players only 72 hours after the official launch of Apex Legends.

    8 february 2019 10:27 1628

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