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    Gamehag should advertise more

    I feel like the playerbase on game hag is kind of small and we need lots of more players

    6 february 2019 05:35 1628

    i don't completely disagree with you, gamehag is doing giveaway which sometimes announced at freesteamkeys

    6 february 2019 06:07 1628

    I believe that there are A LOT of new users that come here for the "free games" but just make the account and leave when they find out the ammount of time and effort you need to spend here to get anything. Maybe not advertise the stuff here as "free" but more as of "earn tokens by playing games and buy games with them"

    6 february 2019 07:25 1628

    I see on a lot of other "free money" sites tasks like "get 1000 sg on gamehag using our link and you get tokens on our site". So there is actually a lot of adverts!

    6 february 2019 10:37 1628

    yeah i saw many facebook ads on gamehag

    6 february 2019 23:17 1628

    Yes, the same. But usually on youtube ads also.

    7 february 2019 03:07 1628

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