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    need help !

    pc vs ps4 can't decide

    5 february 2019 23:00 1628

    first, answer how much money do you have?
    second, what kind of games you play? (strategy, first person, RPG, etc)
    third, do you love some specific games? (I mean exclusive games for ps4)

    5 february 2019 23:08 1628

    I think pc is better because it has cheaper games than ps4

    5 february 2019 23:28 1628

    I think ps4 is cool

    5 february 2019 23:29 1628

    Depends on what kind of games you want to play

    5 february 2019 23:31 1628

    Computer if you can afford it, then buy a PS4 if it has exclusive games you really want to get your hands on.
    Your only hurdle will be to buy all the parts, building the PC (or buy one already built) and setting it up. (choosing your OS and installing it, or buy one with an OS built-in)

    6 february 2019 05:07 1628

    as I've said it depends on what kind of games you like, for instance, I like strategy games like total war series and also kind of playing Dota2 4-5 hour daily, so yes pc would be my first option however I do like to play Sony exclusive games. Note that playing Pc is kind of expensive in comparison to Consoles but you can do anything with your pc. A top-performance pc with the monitor will cost about 2400$ but the console will cost around 500$.(just guessing about prices not the exact number, I'm sure it will cost even more)

    6 february 2019 09:13 1628

    I would recommend PC. 2400$ is a little exaggerated, you get already console-surpassing performance with a 1000$ PC. Also, nearly all games are available/emulatable on PC. And as a bonus, Gamehag nearly only offers games for PC. Other games are for pc are generally cheaper, and you don't have to pay ≈120$ a year for multiplayer. So I would recommend a PC, because it is cheaper in the long run.

    6 february 2019 10:33 1628

    Buy a PS4, play God of War and the last of us 2.

    6 february 2019 10:46 1628

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