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    Found some threads with spam

    I found some spam comments to report. Idk, maybe gamehag wont care, but i still found some. Just filter out the threads from newes to oldest and there will be some spam comments.

    4 february 2019 19:26 1628

    good job! You'll earn +1 gems for every actual spam comments soon.

    4 february 2019 19:32 1628

    In case anyone asked themselves the question, do not be afraid to report every comment that do match gamehag's definition of spam, even if the entire thread is full of them. I have once and all comments were indeed judged as spam and removed.

    4 february 2019 21:27 1628

    how to know spam comments ?

    5 february 2019 17:16 1628

    What if we report a comment?

    5 february 2019 19:43 1628

    It can be tricky to tell what is spam and what isn't, but as Visty summed it up, if a comment contributes to nothing, it is usually safe to consider it spam, even if the message is not something bad. For instance, comments which are copy pasted from other comments, or comments which just have one or two words or a smiley face.

    Do no forget that you should also report inappropriate comments. Those are not spam, but they are reported in the exact same way. They are usually rude and/or edgy messages. If a message is unnecessarily insulting or agressive, it is inappropriate. Do be careful however, swearing is not forbidden on gamehag, and is not inappropriate in itself. Being negative and insulting towards gamehag or its community or something of the like is inappropriate however.

    As for what happens when you report a comment: your comment will be judged manually by a staff member. They will check the comment's context and judge for themselves if it is spam or not. If they judge it as spam, you will get 1 SG for reporting it. If it isn't judged as spam, nothing happens. If, however, someone was to abuse the report system and report comments repeatedly even though they aren't, said someone would be banned from the reporting system. All of this information can be found here: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/58039-penalitiesxp-taken-away-bans-and-more

    9 february 2019 05:06 1628

    There's also some sort of 'pattern' with the spammers, that they'll spam in many threads. This doesn't always happen, but it'll probably worth checking their profile and their recent posts for any more spams.

    7 april 2019 19:41 1628

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