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    Popularity of hurtworld

    Hey guys i think nowadays hurtworld is getting a lot of fan following just a couple of days before it had brought a new update and all of the community and official servers were wiped off and i think this has given everybody a chance to rise up and claim their land! What do u think??

    3 february 2019 17:16 1628

    I'd never heard of this game before. How different is it from other open-world sandbox PVP FPS games?

    3 february 2019 18:16 1628

    It's a survival game basically where you start from zero that is like a stone age man. You salvage stuff and create weapons and later advance your technology and you can even team up with your friends

    3 february 2019 18:59 1628

    You can raid other people in real time

    3 february 2019 19:00 1628

    When you have the game you have 2 versions but you have to do the same by both

    30 march 2019 09:22 1628

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