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    lords mobiles task confirmation

    I have completed lords mobile task that it was Upgrade castle to level 11 but surprisingly I have not been rewarded yet its been 2 weeks but steel nothing ! and Im sure I did all things right and Im not feeling good I feel it been cheated on me and I wasted all my times for nothing ! and about bullshit support of misty a useless bot that repeated me the same answer 5 time and made me mad also unuseless support on discord cause no one answering when ask something there tooo I dont know who is gonna solve my problem and all users like me !

    2 february 2019 17:04 1628

    am having same issue, after loads of pms to misty and then email to [email protected], they said some how the system didnt identify that i opened lords mobile via there platform gamehag application hence i will not be rewarded my soul gems this has really disturbed me tbh but ill live on as i got even bigger problems to face tbh :(

    2 february 2019 18:38 1628

    yeah its fucked up and called abuse !

    3 february 2019 16:44 1628

    I think it is because some of the links go to the browser instead of Play Store directly and even through the browser it gives an error when trying to open in play store...

    4 february 2019 02:04 1628

    @saeed121 For me load mobile, I don't finish it yet. But I know the way to help you because of my other quest from the well of offers has accepted from the system. You need to contact fyber team on pc

    4 february 2019 12:11 1628

    Ohh man I did anything you can imagine plus 5 tickets to misty and all with same fucking answers and discord support that they dont even give you a Hi back !😶

    4 february 2019 22:07 1628

    I installed this game, so I went to bed 10 but did not give me a bonus, I do not know what to do, while I did this job

    4 february 2019 22:24 1628

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