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    CS:GO Red themed loadout.

    Hello. So basically, this article is going to be about a CS:GO inventory style that any of you can try making! This one is going to be around RED colored skins, for every weapon. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and you're free to switch stuff up :)

    So, starting with pistols
    Glock-18: Candy Apple
    Price: 0,31-0,50 EUR

    A simple, yet beautiful skin in game and the price is pretty cheap as well. I've used it so many times, I love the skin. If you manage to get one with a RED sticker, it makes it even better.

    USP-S: Check Engine
    Price: 1,01-2,38 EUR

    This skin is fairly new, but it really fits in. Not all people use the USP-S, so theres the alternative - P2000

    P2000: Imperial
    Price: 0,29-0,41 EUR

    A cheap, well made skin for P2K users, I like it .
    P250: Crimson Kimono
    Price:0,36-0,83 EUR

    Of course theres is a more expensive alternative, Muertos, but if you prefer cheaper/budget skins then Crimson Kimono is definitely it.

    Dual Barrettas: Hemoglobin
    Price: 1,07-1,36 EUR

    Not much info as I don't really use the gun.
    Tec-9: Isaac

    I'll include prices in the picture. The skin itself looks really well in game, used it countless times after a sweet case drop.
    Five-Seven: Urban Hazard

    As a five-seven user myself, can say the skin looks beautiful, but if you prefer more expensive skins, Candy Apple is for you
    CZ75-Auto: Red Astor

    Not a CZ user, but the skin's sweet.

    R8-Revolver: Crimson Web

    The only problem with this is that quality can be a problem.

    Desert Eagle: Crimson Web

    Same thing, but Deagle does have alternatives such as Code Red, Midnight Storm in about the same price range.

    Introducing: Heavy Guns

    Not the most "red" skin but kinda fits?

    Nova:Candy Apple

    I swear Candy Apples are beautiful

    Sawed-Off:Full Stop

    Again, not the most "red" skin but closest in my opinion.


    Beautiful, fully colored skin.

    Meme guns:

    M249:System Lock

    I mean no one really plays with this gun, but feel free.


    Absolute mad lad gun, I love it.

    Introducing: SMGs
    Mac-10: Candy Apple

    Cheap, red, sweet, candy apple loadout?

    May look complicated but it really looks nice in game.
    MP9: Ruby Poison Dart

    PP-Bizon:High Roller

    Kinda reminds me of my "gamble" days, but the skin itself looks really well, but  you can always go for the cheaper alternative - Candy Apple

    UMP-45:Fallout Warning

    This gun really lacks red skins.

    MP5-SD:Lab Rats

    Although the picture shows a different color, it does have different patters for the red color.

    P90:Cold Blooded

    I actually have not seen it in game, but it does fit in

    Things will get more expensive here.


    Right from the new  case too, so might even get cheaper.


    SG 553:Cyrex

    Definitely a classic, Cyrex skins are always sweet.

    AUG:Syd Mead

    There is a full red alternative, Hot Rod, but it would blow up the roof with its price.

    M4A1-S:Chantico's Fire

    One of the few M4A1-S skins I have not owned, but It does looks amazing in game.

    M4A4:Bullet Rain

    A classic skin to be honest. The skin had a scam thing going on back in the day, not sure if it happens now (Fake quality)


    A pretty popular nowadays, there is also Red Laminate but this one is a bit cheaper. Really a preference.

    SSG 08:Slashed

    Yes, I know, this skin does lean mostly towards orange, but its really close to red and I think it fits in well.

    G3SG1: The Executioner

    Honestly I dont know why people play this or the gun upcoming next.

    Scar-20: Crimson Web

    Might have an issue as the other Crimson Web's, but I'm not sure.


    A classic yet again, matches with the AK-47 Redline as well.

    If you still have leftover money or just want a sweet knife for the loadout then there are a lot of choices actually, but for my list I do pick
    Gut Knife:Crimson Web

    Not a fan of Gut knives, but some are pretty good, including Crimson Web. Another cool thing is that the stattrak version of it is just 2 EUR more expensive.

    Introducing: Gloves
    Yeah, same thing as knives but way more expensive. Have the money? Go ahead.
    Hand Wraps:Slaughter

    Never personally had gloves, but I do think these ones would fit PERFECTLY with the loadout.

    Introducing: Additional stuff


    Not much to say, basically more red.

    That would be MY opinion for a cheap-ish RED loudout and I hope you guys do like it. It would be interesting to see anyone using the exact loadout sometimes, even myself. :)

    2 february 2019 05:39 1625

    it would be awesome to have that loadout.

    4 february 2019 10:57 1625

    how much time did u spend on finding this

    12 february 2019 13:33 1625

    this is some nice info:) thanks!

    12 february 2019 13:46 1625

    Wow, you've really put time to find all red themed skins!!

    12 february 2019 15:04 1625

    The only problem with this is that quality can be a problem.

    13 february 2019 06:11 1625

    Nice stuff

    13 february 2019 13:29 1625

    Wow, you've really put time to find all red themed skins!!

    13 february 2019 14:38 1625

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