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    (Help) i don't receive my reward from the task

    I had completed the action but i didn't receive the reward yet what should i do?

    30 january 2019 16:06 1628

    you can contact misty or go talk to the support at the discord server!

    30 january 2019 19:29 1628

    As ranzacado said, contact Misty first: https://gamehag.com/chat/t/new
    And if you don't get the help you needed, head over to gamehag's discord server to directly ask someone for help: https://discord.gg/W9DmGjW

    31 january 2019 11:32 1628

    I sent ticket,Misty;"Soul Gems acquisition for completing contracts is determined by our partner, and we have no impact on that process. Please, contact the support of the certain Wall."said.
    What should i do?

    31 january 2019 12:42 1628

    I guess you should contact the game you are playing

    31 january 2019 14:18 1628

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