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    Tip for new user of gamehag

    You can get SG if you vote the article correctly. And other way to get SG easy is app zone. You can get 1 SG per 30sec video.

    30 january 2019 15:44 1628

    i think you need to keep doing those voting articles every day may be your article voting will start approving after 1 week 2 weeks even after a month, there are already selected article voters in que who have developed a reputation and trust with the main gamehag moderators; you need to build a trust relationship with them, at the current moment even though i voted regularly but not once i got any sgs for voting articles as well even though those were done correctly; i hope you understand its a long term procedure and you got to go through it still my advice would be to ask an official Gamehag moderator cause i am not staff nor moderator but just sharing my limited experience and know how!!

    30 january 2019 15:56 1628

    I voted a lot but i got 1 vote right for 20SG

    30 january 2019 16:03 1628

    actually (at least in my case, i'd say im a "reliable voter") I haven't received my SG for voting on articles as of lately, and it has happened before.

    30 january 2019 19:31 1628

    Thanks a lot.

    31 january 2019 04:12 1628

    Be active

    31 january 2019 16:19 1628

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