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    DOTA2: The Chongqing Major

    16 teams from all over the world had gathered on the second major championships of this league of DOTA2, and a grand prize of 350,000 $ for the first team. and at the end, Team Secret successfully defeat all of his rivals and got the grand prize of this event. Stay with me with all of the details of this major.

    The Chongqing Major tournament is known as one of the major events of Dota 2 league, after the first major of this season, The Kuala Lumpur Major, which ended up with the victory of the "Virtus Pro", for the Chongqing Major total prize of 1 million $ was considered. Majors after Internationals events are the most important events for the DOTA 2 players also all the major have the International qualification points for each team in this major 15,000 points total, the road to International across from Majors. The Chongqing Major tournament was held in Chongqing, China, after an astonishing opening ceremony, all the teams gathered in the arena to fight for 350,000 $ and 4950 points.

    Richard Campbell (Richard) and reporters such as Tobias Dawson (Tobin), Evans Lucas (Fagdag), Kyle Friedman (Kyle) and Gabriel Cruz (Liric) hosted this event, I advise you to just watch these reporters when they are reporting an international game to understand the enjoyment of this game. Three stages for this games has been considered first preliminary matches second group matches and at last main matches.

    Mirakel can be considered an important absentee in Chongqing Major, which for personal reasons was not able to accompany his team in the event.

    The Chongqing Major Championship preliminary stage was held in six main regions between December 4 and 9, Team Secret, Team Liquid and Alliance teams from Europe, The Pango and Virtus.pro teams from CIS, Team Aster, Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD teams from China, Fnatic, and TNC Predator teams from Southeast Asia, J.Storm, Forward Gaming and Evil Geniuses from North America, Eventually, Chaos Esports Club and Thunder Predator from the South American team received a group qualification also The EHOME team, Bucharest Minor Championship, has also been directly invited to compete with fifteen other teams at the group stage.


    On January 19th the first match began and after two days of massive fights, the final match ended on January 20th. At first, the teams were divided into four groups of four teams, in the first group, Chaos Esports Club, TNC Predator, EHOME and Virtus.pro, in the second group Thunder Predator, Forward Gaming, Team Secret and PSG.LGD, in The third group J.Storm, The Pango, Vici Gaming and Team Liquid, and in Forth group, Team Aster, Alliance, Evil Geniuses and Fnatic. After the end of this stage, held as Best Of 3 matches, the teams Virtus.pro and EHOME from the first group, PSG.LGD and Secret from the second group, Liquid and Vici Gaming from the third group and Fnatic and EG from the fourth group, based on their rank in their group, they reached the upper bracket of the main stage, and other teams were ranked in the lower bracket for poor results.


    After that, from 20th January the main stage began, during the first day EHOME defeated Fnatic (1-2), and Secret won against Liquid(0-2).

    On the second day, we saw two matches in the upper bracket and four in the lower bracket. In the upper bracket, the PSG.LGD overcame the Vici Gaming(2-0) and the Virtus.pro beat Evil Geniuses (2-0). In the lower bracket, the Alliance was defeated by Chaos Esports Club, and The Pango team was defeated by Thunder Predator. J.Storm ended Gaming team in an astonishing game and TNC Predator sent Aster away.

    The third day of the main matches was followed by two matches in the upper bracket and three matches in the lower bracket. In the upper bracket of the Virtus.pro faced PSG.LGD, two progressive victories were achieved for Virtus.pro, and the Secret sent the EHOME to the lower bracket by a 2-0 win. On the lower bracket, the Vici Gaming beat Chaos Esports Club with the result of 2-1. In the ensuing rounds, EG ended Thunder Predator with a 2-0 win and Fnatic with the result of 2-0 defeated J.Storm.

    On the fourth and fifth day of the major, Liquid beat TNC Predator easily and The Evil Geniuses knocked the Vici Gaming down.

    On the sixth day, Virtus.pro ended Secret with a 2-1 win on the upper bracket and Secret sent to playoff games. On the lower bracket, Fanatic unbelievably won against Liquid, and EHOME defeated by Evil Geniuses with the result of 0-2. On the latest hours of the day, Fanatic destroyed by PSG.LGD with the result of 0-2.

    On the seventh day, now that one of the finalists known(Virtus.pro), it's time to find out our second, with excellent playing of both PSG.LGD and Evil Geniuses, at the end Evil Geniuses won after that Secret that has waited up so long to fight the winner of this game, finally won the match against Evil Geniuses and end up as our second finalist, the final game of this tournament held between Secret and Virtus.pro and after impressive team plays of Team Secret, Secret finally Stole the championship from Virtus.pro. they fought for it so hard and they really deserved that.

    Here are the prizes for each team:

    • Secret: 350,000$ -4950 points
    • Virtus.pro: 170,000$ - 3000 points
    • Evil Geniuses: 100,000$ - 2100 points
    • PSG.LGD: 80,000$ - 1350 points
    • EHOME and Fnatic: 60,000$ - 950 points
    • Vici Gaming and Team Liquid: 40,000$ - 450 points
    • Chaos ES, Thunder Predator, J.Storm and TNC Predator: 15,000$ - 150 points
    • Alliance, The Pango, Forward Gaming and Team Aster: 10,000$ - 75 points

    30 january 2019 05:27 1625

    And finally, the new update is here.
    Dota 2 Update - January 29th, 2019:
    Dota 7.21, New Ranked Season and Dota Plus Update are now LIVE!

    DOTA 7.21
    please just talk about the game not simple answers "good, ok, well done and etc. "

    30 january 2019 08:54 1625

    I like it . thanks for forum 💯

    30 january 2019 09:37 1625

    So we can now recalibrate and hopefully the older MMR system is back ❤

    30 january 2019 10:04 1625

    new ranking medals.
    click on image to see full size

    30 january 2019 14:56 1625

    1410MMR unlocked Guardian 5 :|😔

    31 january 2019 12:11 1625

    Sad, but this only destroys DOTA... I don't like new ranking system too...

    31 january 2019 15:08 1625

    seems like gamehag should have news section for post like this

    31 january 2019 16:29 1625

    We're going "All-Stars" for the next Ranked season

    1 february 2019 09:29 1625

    The rumor of the ranks was resumed and we tried again and played with noob😖😣

    3 february 2019 10:24 1625

    seems like gamehag should have news

    4 february 2019 20:30 1625

    I quite don't understand this game can you explain me what this game is all about??

    5 february 2019 11:23 1625

    does anyone know why the articles posted in Forum (Tomato Way and one by Tekhour), the topics are locked?

    6 february 2019 01:58 1625

    sometimes the moderators decided to place some articles on the forum for their own reason, maybe for pictures, structure and etc however the user can demand to delete the thread and after reconsidering the article, he/she can post it again

    6 february 2019 09:02 1625

    I love this game!

    6 february 2019 09:07 1625

    End of this thread.

    6 february 2019 09:18 1625

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