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    Do they get the gems for each level passed?

    I passed level 3 and I get 15sg

    30 january 2019 00:06 1628

    You do get a few SG but more importantly, certain features are now enabled. At level 3, you are now able to order rewards. Do not pass up on the Mannaz Rune for instance, if you are a user who logs in daily. It costs 10 SG and increases the number of SG you get every day. You can find it here. https://gamehag.com/shop/mannaz-rune

    30 january 2019 01:27 1628

    the amount of gems for leveling up increases as you get higher level and more features will be unlock like voting, etc, it is little or much is up to you

    31 january 2019 16:32 1628

    this is very nice theme

    31 january 2019 19:20 1628

    You'll earn a couple of SGs everytime you level up.

    31 january 2019 19:21 1628

    what is annoying is that levelling up can take a lot of time...

    2 february 2019 12:17 1628

    I earn 15 SG for level up. And I use the rune I got 7SG for daily login. I also play guessing game and get some SG from it. From guessing game I got 100SG for the first time I bet in the game.

    2 february 2019 13:48 1628

    leveling up takes a lot of time ,i've been stuck on level 2(still am) for months

    14 february 2019 18:14 1628

    very cool guessing game

    14 february 2019 20:34 1628

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