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    "Looking for a team" Forum bugged?

    So I was doing my usual spam-reporting rounds around the forums, but every time I try to open a thread from the "Looking for team" boards it just redirects me to the Forums main page. Is there any known bug about that?

    28 january 2019 22:46 1628

    Yes sometimes i have this problem . I think bug .

    31 january 2019 14:00 1628

    I mean, all posts were last commented over 3 days ago or more. Or at least that's what I see. The board is clearly bugged or down or something

    31 january 2019 22:32 1628

    I'm having this bug too. And the article voting section is messed up too for me. It keeps saying I've already voted all articles for the day, even though I haven't for a week

    1 february 2019 08:32 1628

    Can confirm, it tries to load the URL from the topic, then redirects to /forum, as if it couldn't find any topic at the URL adress. Perhaps there was an update with the website and this is a bug that resulted from it.

    1 february 2019 10:47 1628

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