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    Mobile is not worth it

    I think the mobile is not good

    28 january 2019 06:11 3272

    Yup totally agreed with you. They think of themselves as a pro.

    1 february 2019 10:58 3272

    I mean it is on mobile so it can't be compared to pc.

    17 may 2020 14:27 3272

    I totally agree with you.

    17 may 2020 15:27 3272

    Game doesnt look P2W but definelty has some bad vibes to it. It seems like there are P2P events every single day and you dont get anything nice out of the chests you have to wait/work so hard to get. I bought the RP one season and it really felt like I was luckier. I opened like 3 classic crates and got 2 gun skins. One of them was the golden M4. Still havent seen that skin used by anyone else so I think its kinda rare.

    17 may 2020 17:17 3272

    sadece xp için yazı yazanlar varmı?**

    17 may 2020 17:26 3272

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