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    What perks you get from the 10 usd visa prepaid card ? i know its money but is it better than paypal and how ?

    ok so i wanna know this reward https://gamehag.com/shop/visa-prepaid-card-10-usd 10 usd or 5 usd prepaid credit card, what are the main perks of it, lets say you received this reward from gamehag, so you can instantly use it after setting it and can you pay for services instantly without hassle or tax fee just like via paypal you do ? pls can some one share there full experience; it has a 6 months period before it gets expired pls help me understand the perks!!

    27 january 2019 18:46 1628

    Taxs are set by where you live

    27 january 2019 20:25 1628

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