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    Why Fortnite Battle Royale is doomed

              Everything comes to an end eventually, even the most unconquerable empires. It is an irrefutable fact that some video games also tend to climb really high, only to plummet once they reach the top. Fortnite has most definitely reached a level of popularity few have even dreamed of, with over 125 users within a year of the game’s initial release. However, even this unstoppable force will eventually be stopped, and I’m about to explain why.

              First of all, we need to understand that Fortnite is, before anything, considered a Battle Royale game, and so that is the mechanic I’m going to be talking about. Other stuff like Save the World isn’t the point, because it’s not the reason the game is what it is. The thing about the Battle Royale thing is that it is very repetitive. Even if you still enjoy the game after a few thousand rounds, it is undeniable that the gameplay is the same each time. The best way to counter this is for the developers to keep releasing new content and events to keep the players happy and excited. That’s a good tactic on paper, but the thing is that it sours with time. Sure, you’ll have tons of great ideas at first because you haven’t yet burned through them all, but when you do it’s going to be difficult to come up with more.

              Good ideas for stuff like that are hard to get. No matter how creative you are, you’re only human. Your brain can only come up with so much before it can’t find anything anymore. That’s the problem here: Fortnite, being such a repetitive game, is fun but needs a constant flow of new stuff to keep it fresh. However, when the developers run out of good ideas and begin putting not-so-good ones to action, it ruins the game. Therefore, because the developers have no more interesting ideas, they get stuck between a rock and a hard place: do we keep adding more content that isn’t that great, or do we not add anything anymore and risk making the game boring? Of course, the answer is always the first option, which doesn’t really do much good.

              You may think this stuff is purely theoretical, but think again: how many examples of such cases have we had? I’ll bet that if you’ve been following gaming trends for the past two of three years you won’t need to rack your brain too hard to think of one. Still, I’ll save you the trouble. First, you have Agar.io, a game which I actually wrote an article on a while back (go check it out). Released in 2015, this game completely dominated the internet for quite some time before it started to decline. When it did, it was due to Miniclip being unable to manage the game properly and implement new stuff that was actually good. Another example is Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that made you curse your phone battery because it never lasted long enough. The game was received with tons of hype and has been downloaded 650 million times, but started to die when Niantic ruined it with bad updates. There’s also Clash Royale, which was also super popular but was ruined due to people getting bored of it eventually.

              To wrap things up, I think I’ve made my point. Fortnite’s Battle Royale game mode simply does not have what it takes to continue existing. Some people say that games like Minecraft are dying, yet Minecraft is still being well managed by Microsoft and is not the type of game where you run out of ideas that quickly. Fortnite, however, does not have that much creative freedom. I believe it won’t be long before the game says goodbye, and is replaced by some other temporary sensation.

    26 january 2019 06:24 1625

    I agree, even though they are constantly putting out new content, they can't keep up with the fact that the same concept will eventually get boring. I personally have already gotten bored with it and I do not play fortnite anymore lol.

    26 january 2019 06:27 1625

    The main reason why Fortnite was popular was because it was free at the time and kept the interest of those who've played it by constantly releasing new content.

    This clearly isn't working anymore as players want new game concepts.

    Unless Fortnite can suddenly re-work their game drastically into something new and interesting, it's going to die off eventually and quite quickly at that.

    26 january 2019 10:43 1625

    agreed my dude. fortnite will fail

    26 january 2019 21:40 1625

    I think they have it good while it lasts

    27 january 2019 09:13 1625

    i think fortnite is gonna be populaire for 1-2 years and then there are too much cheaters

    27 january 2019 16:50 1625

    I think fortnite would still live, if epic games were to implement more unique features that'll attract more players. That or it will end up like tf2

    27 january 2019 23:17 1625

    fortnite is a good game.... the best game in the world😁

    28 january 2019 17:29 1625

    forthine is still alive game but it will soon not be that popular

    12 february 2019 23:51 1625

    i mean i played it and it was rlly cool but sooner or later it will be like any normal game

    12 february 2019 23:52 1625

    I wonder what the next big thing's gonna be..

    13 february 2019 21:03 1625

    well it had its time

    13 february 2019 22:08 1625

    Who knows whats gona be but how ever games get better by the years

    13 february 2019 22:57 1625

    Like many games, old ones eventually die.

    14 february 2019 00:17 1625

    Fortnite isn't doomed, that is good game

    14 february 2019 09:40 1625

    Fortnite keeps getting more boring, all you do is kill people and try to get a victory royale, play in creative and make whatever you want and play with other people.Apex Legends might take over.

    14 february 2019 14:10 1625

    The game is good,whe?

    15 february 2019 04:46 1625

    But cheaters ruin the game.

    15 february 2019 04:59 1625

    i like this game because this game can build a house.

    15 february 2019 05:33 1625

    New games replace old ones,it's normal.

    15 february 2019 05:40 1625

    they have added the creative mod , i think it maybe survive

    15 february 2019 13:19 1625

    I think they have it good while it lasts

    16 february 2019 00:04 1625

    Yea, it is

    16 february 2019 03:03 1625

    i agree bro fortnite is dying but i enjoy it anyway

    16 february 2019 03:26 1625

    apex will kill it ****

    16 february 2019 08:15 1625

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