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    Question about the S-word

    Is it considered spam warning people in a spam thread not to spam?

    24 january 2019 19:13 1628

    it's an interestingquestion... it shouldn't be, but at the same time it kinda is, since people should already know that spam is against the rules around here... let's see if Kabash chimes in, they're the ones that know this kind of business

    25 january 2019 06:13 1628


    In most cases, no. It is fine to inform others that they should not spam, and they will be penalised for it.

    However, it depends on the context. If you send the same warning 5 times within the thread, then obviously it is considered spam. If you send it once, then it's fine. Just do this in moderation.

    25 january 2019 09:32 1628

    Got it, will do it like that!

    25 january 2019 09:56 1628

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