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    Vikings: War of Clans -- Getting Started

    Vikings: War of Clans is a popular MMO Strategy game where you are placed as the ruler over a Viking society. As fun as this game is, it can be a little overwhelming to a new player due to the sheer amount of content that you are flooded with as a noob. This article will be explaining how to get off to a great start, and destroy all of the beginning competition.
    The Opening Move

    When you first open the game, you are greeted by an NPC walking you through on buying buildings to start you off. After you finish the short tutorial, the first step to complete domination is to gain the upper hand in resources first. You need resources to construct and upgrade buildings in your Town, along with training troops to be efficient in battle. There are six different types of resources; Lumber, Stone, Iron, Food, Silver, and Gold. You can gain resources by the following ways:

        - For all the resources besides gold, you can produce them with buildings in your town such as Farms, Lumber Mills, Stone Quarries, and Mines.

        - Raiding other players towns.

        -Collecting prizes from free chests and quests.

    Going back to explain these, the first one is simple; AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, you must have a higher cash flow than your enemies do if you want to keep up. This correlates directly with number two, raiding other players towns. This not only gives you the extra resources to do with you please, but it also takes AWAY resources from your competition, making this extremely important to take action on. Collecting prizes is self explanatory. 


    If you are new to the game, you begin with a peace treaty that does not enable you to raid or be raided. This next step is very important! If you have a more aggressive playstyle, then break the treaty and attack the weak ones around you. Please note, that if you choose to do this you will have to log on more to defend all your riches. If you choose the passive route, you will not be as rich but you will be more protected and therefore have less time required to sustain yourself. The passive route does not need a lot of explaining so lets move on to the aggressive route. There is a indication called knowledge on your main fort. Upgrading your troops knowledge will give you an upper hand over your enemies in combat, and if the knowledge gap is high enough, you may have guaranteed wins.

    Your Hero

    When attacking, your hero marches alongside your troops to give them offensive buffs throughout the duration of combat. You can view all of the information about your Hero in the Hero's Abode, located in your town. This final tip was put last because it is not as important in the early stages as troop combat and resources are, but as you push later in the game, it is necessary to invest in your hero.


    Vikings: War of Clans has many hours of fun to use on, and hopefully this beginners guide helped you get off with a great start. Make sure to incorporate all three sections to have the maximum benefit, and eventually, domination.

    24 january 2019 06:55 1625

    Very great look this game i try it

    29 may 2020 20:47 1625

    taksim vaksim haksim doğru olanı bul

    29 may 2020 22:00 1625

    thx for the tips

    30 may 2020 07:14 1625

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