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    How to earn SG?

    I wanted to ask something,i from Serbia and in Serbia there is not much surveys,not at all,what can i do to get points easy everyday i watch videos and the limit is 100 videos,but i watch 50 of them and it says that 50 is limit.So because i have problems with these 2 ways for points what are other ways to get points?I dont like to beg but i need to because most of this ways to get points dont work me.So if someone has some points that they maybe dont need feel free to send me some.Thanks in advance~!

    23 january 2019 15:14 1628

    Visty is it hard to find comments that are spam?

    23 january 2019 17:32 1628

    And give me some examples of spam comments?

    23 january 2019 17:46 1628

    You have to wait 24 hours exact for add.

    23 january 2019 18:09 1628

    Play games. it's good for you)

    23 january 2019 18:38 1628

    i do not know ether

    23 january 2019 18:54 1628

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