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    Retro lookback - Super Mario Bros.

    The smash hit that came out 34 years ago! Here's a lookback at the platformer that is played even today!
    Video game systems were starting to become popular.
    Then came NES. The Nintendo Entertainment System.
    And along with it, Super Mario Bros.

    It became a super hit as soon as it released. Everyone was playing it. It was the pinnacle of game design. It has created a legacy. A legacy that will pass on forever. Join along as I take a look at the game which has made people waste thousands of hours playing it.

    Note: The images are of lower resolution because the NES only had a resolution of 256x240! not 1080p or 4k. I wanted to you see what a gamer in the 80's would have seen.

    Nintendo became a leader in home entertainment systems in 1980. And as the first title in the Mario franchise they released Mario Bros. You play as Mario and his brother Luigi, plumbers, who have to investigate the sewers of New York killing monsters and getting high scores.

    It was received very well and people enjoyed it overall. Then as a sequel for the NES, Super Mario Bros was released in 1985. Thus began the Mario series which has well over 200 games released for it.

    The plot is very simple. You are Mario (now a plumber turned adventurer) who is tasked with saving Princess Toadstool from hands of Bowser who has used his Koopa Troopas to overrun the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom. You have to fight through (I mean jump on them) multiple levels full of enemies to reach Bowser.

                                                                        Bowser                                                            Koopa

    The game is divided into 8 worlds each have 4 levels. 4th level of each world is a boss world where a Bowser (maybe one of his brothers because you kill Bowser at the end, I am not sure) spawns. He is on bridge over lava and you need to hit an axe which breaks the bridge and kills him.
    The other levels either take place in the over-world in the day or at night or underwater. There are multiple enemies which can be killed by jumping atop them or stomping them. Some of them can't be killed this way and need to be shot down (mostly the koopas). Either way you kill the enemies and reach the castle at the end and bring down the enemy flag.

               The first level in super mario bros. You can see that the player has already acquired the fireflower and is shooting at Goombas.

    Power-ups: Along the way you can find power-ups and coins that will either aid you or give more points for a high score.
    The mushroom power-up make you grow up so that you don't die immediately when you take damage and instead you become small Mario. As big Mario you can break brick blocks.

    The fire flower power-up makes you spit fireballs that can be used to kill enemies like koopas.

    There is also an star power up which grants you invulnerability - you can just walk through enemies and they get killed (Although falling into pits will still kill you).

    You are given 3 lives at the start although you can find 1 hidden 1+ up block which shall give you an extra life. This game is extremely hard. So you need all the lives you can get. (I personally play the game on an emulator so that i can save and reload whenever i make an mistake)

                                                   Mushroom                                           Fireflower                                               Star

    This game also has a great speedrunning community. Speedrun is where you basically try to finish the game as fast as you can. The current record (as of 21st Jan 2019) for speed running is held by somewes (YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/somewes) for finishing the game in 4 mins 55 secs 796 ms.
    The second place is held by Kosmic (YT:https://www.youtube.com/user/Kosmicd12) who clocks in at 4 mins 55 secs 913 ms.
    So you can see that there is barely any difference between the two. (Source: https://www.speedrun.com/smb1 )

    Here's the world record video if you are interested:

    After the success of Super Mario Bros, Nintendo were sure to release the sequel. In fact we got more than just a sequel. An entire franchise ranging from standard platforming to racing to even 3-D games. I won't go into the sequels but if you wish to take a look link is here - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Mario)

    One final word,
    If you haven't played this game then WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN? GO PLAY NOW!!

    22 january 2019 06:09 1625

    Nah, I suck at this game, as a kid and even as an adult. Not my style, I guess

    22 january 2019 15:55 1625

    Thanks for the comments!

    24 january 2019 04:42 1625

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