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    Toss Blade Offer, Wall of Terror

    So I downloaded the game through the offer on the GameHag app. I got the requirements and all. Still, the thing's not claiming anything. Is there any extra step I gotta do to receive my SG?

    21 january 2019 04:32 1628

    No. Those offer walls are just dumb. You can generally appeal at the bottom of the wall on desktop, but it probably won't help you

    21 january 2019 07:22 1628

    You ran into some bad luck, that's all. With respect

    21 january 2019 08:52 1628

    Ranczacado the wall is fack. I don't get reward after i did all step. I try to contect misty but no respon. Also the 3rd party don't do anything about it.

    21 january 2019 09:20 1628

    Yeah, i sent a complain to the other company, said that it would be at most 24 hours for them to "give me my points", but idk. I popped a Rune for nothing. Again.

    21 january 2019 09:37 1628

    Yeah, I just completed a quiz from Persona.ly and it worked. Now i have enough gems for a reward I wanted. Thanks!

    21 january 2019 19:23 1628

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