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    Has anyone won a game from any of the chests other then Random steam key

    Just curious as to if anyone has won and what have they won? all i get is random steam keys that end up being horrible games. im starting to think the chest system is rigged instead of RNG based which you would expect.

    20 january 2019 09:53 1628

    Yeah same here. Every time I open it it's a random steam key.

    21 january 2019 11:15 1628

    Personally, I've received multiple AAA games from the Caretaker's Chest (the 1000SG one).
    Just don't expect anything good from "free" chests.

    If you're curious, join Gamehag's Discord (https://discord.gg/W9DmGjW), and check the #proof-submission channel. I've posted pictures of the rewards I've received from that chest, such as GTA V, The Witcher 3, CS:GO, etc.

    21 january 2019 16:40 1628

    I believe there's a real chance to win games but it's obviously extremely low. The very existence of a discord chat dedicated to posting proof should be proof enough in it's content imo.

    23 june 2019 21:24 1628

    Well, Gamehag's end goal is to make money off of the ad revenue and get paid by game developers (since gamehag is essentially a huge advertising page for games), so if they gave away too many 60 or 30 dollar games they'd lose money and have to shut down. Besides, often times the keys end up not working and you just get more SG back, so it's all good in the end.

    23 june 2019 23:03 1628

    @freemilosevic ***, so you're saying you actually landed on a game like you won it, but then it said they dont have any keys for that game anymore? which game? id be pretty mad if that happened.

    24 june 2019 04:16 1628

    I've never bought a chest, but on the free/giveaway chests I only receive runes and random steam keys.

    24 june 2019 09:41 1628

    I got the monthly chest twice and received random steam keys and also a 1500 one and from that, the same thing, all of the chests are just bad don't expect anything good except maybe from daily chest my brother got 250 soul gems from it but he just got really lucky.

    24 june 2019 15:24 1628

    >buy chest
    >lose money
    oh vey how did that happened? What did you expect

    30 june 2019 16:43 1628

    IMHO, it is normal, when most of users get Random Steam Key from chests, since there are a lot users opening chest and only several keys for AAA-game, cause it is quite easy to get 1000 points even in a single day.
    If it would be more chance there will be more bots just hunting for nice rewards from these chests.
    On other hand, you're not paying that 1000 SG for opening, it just required condition, so it is fair deal

    1 july 2019 10:34 1628

    Nothing yet mate

    2 july 2019 19:18 1628

    Nothing yet i guess

    2 july 2019 19:21 1628

    No not yet i will reach level 3 to get the cd key!

    5 july 2019 12:38 1628

    I got only the random cd keys

    7 july 2019 22:52 1628

    I haven't won anything yet

    8 july 2019 16:35 1628

    no i opened a just 5 time and got the exact thing out of it every time

    10 july 2019 19:41 1628

    I've never bought a chest on this site yet. I've only recieved free chests and got between them stupid runes or a crappy random steam key. It really upsets me that there's chests that contains "11 named steam games" (example: GTA 5, Far Cry 4, Mass Effect 3 and etc...) ya can get. And yet, it still lands on that 1 random steam key out of the 11 others. Like... there's that 91.63/92% chance of landing on a decent game and yet it lands on that 8.33/8% of a random steam key. 😕

    10 july 2019 19:45 1628

    i have never got a good one

    11 july 2019 09:57 1628

    jep i got myself a bioshock 2 remastered steam key and its legit. thats a 19.99 euro game pretty nive of them.

    11 july 2019 13:18 1628

    Well I Didn't get a game. :(

    11 july 2019 15:46 1628

    i havent won enything

    12 july 2019 00:33 1628

    Buy chests if you have more than 30k gems, You can not be expected one or two chests give you a 30$ worth game. I also recommend you to wait until special events like Xmas and etc.

    12 july 2019 11:56 1628

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