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    gaming pc worth it

    is it worth it buying an expensive gaming pc?

    18 january 2019 22:21 1628

    it depends where do you live and how much money you earn each month,
    but generally my answer is no try to choose wisely not just pick expensive pc.

    18 january 2019 23:27 1628

    There are 3 questions you need to answer when buying a gaming PC:
    - What is your budget?
    - What games do you want to play?
    - What feature you want on your PC? (4K gaming? G-Sync?)
    You can get a gaming PC for any level of budget (though expect to spend more compared to a regular web browsing PC). What you want to play gives you some idea about the specs of your PC. Then after checking the market, pick the one with the most features which can run your game and within your budget.


    19 january 2019 12:35 1628

    Usually you will be better off building the PC yourself

    19 january 2019 12:40 1628

    Yes, it is if your budget allows it and you want to play on 4K, No, it isn't if your budget is low and you only want to play on 1080p.

    19 january 2019 22:16 1628

    whatever setup your interested in buying, if you instead buy all the parts for it and build it yourself its SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.

    20 january 2019 09:47 1628

    I wouldn't go for too expensive. 1080p smooth gameing is enough for me. No RGB btw.

    20 january 2019 16:16 1628

    But DO take a color monitor. You can't game with a black and white one (aka an e-reader)

    20 january 2019 18:47 1628

    100% worth it

    20 january 2019 19:10 1628

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