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    Selling runes

    There should be a function which allows you to trade with others and sell your runes to them for soul gems. Anyone agree with me? Also, how do I make it so that the moderators of Gamehag see suggestions? Thank you.

    18 january 2019 04:26 1628

    There are specific posts from moderators to post suggestions, like this one https://gamehag.com/forum/t/58908-give-your-suggestions-here

    Also, you can send a message to Misty. I mean... at least you're trying

    18 january 2019 05:04 1628

    This is a bad idea because it just opens up other users to scam.

    18 january 2019 05:06 1628

    No, I don't think so. New players don't have many sould gems which they would be able to trade in for the runes. And there should be a function which lets you see the effect of the runes. Over time, players would learn the values of runes anyways.

    18 january 2019 05:16 1628

    And also, thanks ranzacado.

    18 january 2019 05:16 1628

    I thinks your idea is nice, I have some runes in stock without wanting to use

    18 january 2019 06:59 1628

    I mean, you can already see the effects of a rune when you go to the Active Runes panel, right between your inventory and your SG. EVERY RUNE is displayed there, you can then learn the effects.

    But yeah, I would like to sell or trade some of my Berkana runes. My friends ain't joining here anytime soon XD

    18 january 2019 07:09 1628

    i think all of us should tell the forum .

    18 january 2019 10:34 1628

    Well, I always got a Mannaz rune enabled, but at this moment I don't use any other runes

    18 january 2019 13:58 1628

    I use the rune but some of it seem useless

    18 january 2019 14:33 1628

    Yes. It's veeeery good idea.
    Once you could sell

    18 january 2019 17:32 1628

    selling rune is back?

    1 february 2019 10:13 1628

    I think that could be good.

    1 february 2019 10:28 1628

    Apparently like everyone else here, I have a lot of runes in my inventory, and I use none of them, so the idea is enticing. It's probably not very hard to implement either. However it'd make getting SG pretty easily, so the price for selling them will probably be very low, so as to not impact gamehag's economy.

    Sending runes to other users however.... As we are all agreeing, we don't usually use all of our runes, so it'd be kinda useless to whoever we send them to. Plus, if selling runes was implemented, we probably won't be able to have that feature, since sending SG to another user requires level 6 and the gift has to be 500 SG minimum. Since runes' prices would be very low, it would bypass that 500 SG minimum, unless that were also to change.

    1 february 2019 10:41 1628

    I hope to see "trading runes" or "exchanging rune" button one day.

    1 february 2019 15:23 1628

    There is a button to sell rune for 1 SG :D

    1 february 2019 16:42 1628

    I agree

    1 february 2019 18:13 1628

    Same, totally agreed with you, pointless if we have few same runes just waiting to be used, instead we can sell them for gems so the both sides would be sattisfied. Sorry if bad English.

    1 february 2019 18:37 1628

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