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    fortnite is shi*

    do you think that fortnite is shit?i think it is pubg for free.

    16 january 2019 17:40 1628

    it has some difference from pubg but yeah, I agree it is bad but I don't think it is appropirate to call it "sh**" because the game is not as bad as sonic 06

    16 january 2019 17:59 1628

    The game itself isn't bad from a game design perspective, but it's cancer how it's EVERYWHERE and i just want it to die already.

    16 january 2019 18:09 1628

    Everyone has their opinions. Fortnite's hasn't been fun to play lately, but I wouldn't say it's a bad game. Weekly content, progressive story, variety of play styles, I think Epic games know what they're doing. The community, however, is getting pretty bad

    16 january 2019 19:15 1628

    That's what happens when a game gets too popular

    16 january 2019 19:16 1628

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