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    Review on forum?

    Hi! Why I got only 67 soul gems for writing a game review?? You said 500-900 sg??? What is this scam?

    16 january 2019 15:43 1628

    Maybe because of the rating of the review? I guess.

    16 january 2019 16:10 1628

    No because of that I use "Clank" instead of "clank" and "Playstation" instead of PlayStation????

    16 january 2019 18:09 1628

    Yeah articles are kinda bs. I wrote a perfectly good and valid article on skyrim shouts, but it was rejected because of "obscenities". Articles take time gamehag.

    16 january 2019 18:12 1628

    Yeah it is, but you can see what the "mod" says, the article gonna be a forum review, when I got big pictures? and some words "wrong" spellt? What a good thing to reject on, to be honest guys.

    16 january 2019 18:14 1628

    "I posted this on the forum because of some spelling mistakes. For example, clank (Clank), remaker (remake?), rythm (rhythm) and Playstation (PlayStation). Besides that, the first and second pictures are oversize when I was viewing it in my queue. (Hmm, it looks normal here..)
    Overall, it was good, but my attention was taken away by the picture."

    Looks legit, to just post it in the forum, before they calling me. I maybe DONT want to have this review on the forum. I own it, so why you taking it to the forum, without no call. Good support there.

    16 january 2019 18:17 1628

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