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    just sent an article, the content got removed?

    I sent my new article "osu review" and looking at it on my article list it seems that EVERYTHING I've written got removed and there is only the introduction and for some reason, it's being verified now. I've haven't copied the article I've written meaning I've wasted 4 hours making that article. What the hell is wrong with this site?

    15 january 2019 17:08 1628

    I can see it righ now and it all looks good. not only the intro.. I think everything is as you left it. good job btw

    15 january 2019 17:24 1628

    Thank you very much! I was terrified seeing it only with the introduction, I almost got a hearth attack!

    15 january 2019 17:26 1628

    no problem, I hope it gets accepted without issues

    15 january 2019 21:19 1628

    well, it didn't... It's marked as spam BUT I have little time to remake the article. I hope I won't get the same problem. but still thanks for the help!

    15 january 2019 21:20 1628

    Guess what everyone. SAME THING HAPPENED!!!! thank god this time i copied the article but STILL! this problem keeps happening...

    15 january 2019 22:04 1628

    ok this is embarrassing, BUT CHANGING THE BROWSER (from chrome to firefox) FIXED IT!!! and now I have two of the same article being verified and one rejected for some reason (stupid dumb me) I'm gonna lock this thread.

    15 january 2019 22:17 1628

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