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    Any new tips?

    Any new tips you guys want to share?

    15 january 2019 07:32 2240

    no ı dont need tip

    25 january 2019 19:46 2240

    RUSH B is the best idea in the world

    25 january 2019 20:31 2240

    i'd say that when you're carrying the bomb, try to avoid simply racing forward, unless if that is the most convenient thing to do. sometimes you can drive back and cause people to shoot at nothing, as they had originally anticipated that you'd drive forward.
    also, if possible, it is ideal to lead enemies carrying the bomb to blue drop zones, as this will force them to drop the bomb, even if you don't kill them. this is ideal for machines like little monster and icebringer, where there's a good chance that there's no way you can kill these machines all by yourself. instead, send them to the drop zone, take the bomb, and get driving! there are a lot of machines that can force others into these zones, such as clunker, rampage, windrider, and artificer (when using the ultimate).

    it's been a long time, so i dont know if you'd need this information. but it'll be good advice for those who are looking for new tips.

    5 june 2019 20:00 2240

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