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    daily missions?

    What are they and how do you do them? A rune mentions them but I never found them

    14 january 2019 18:46 1628

    maybe they were never implemented, there are old threads asking about them as well but no one seems to know

    14 january 2019 20:01 1628

    I believe those are the ones that show up on the right. It shows a game with bonus SG and a discounted reward. I *think* those are the daily missions

    14 january 2019 21:05 1628

    I don't see any daily mission on my screen.

    16 january 2019 00:01 1628

    on the right side of the screen, right below your SG, it says "DEALS FOR YOU".
    There's a game with additional SG, and a discounted reward. THOSE are the daily missions.
    Or so I think.
    In the app, it's the very first thing that you see when you open it.

    17 january 2019 22:48 1628

    Did anyone figured this out yet ?

    20 april 2019 06:50 1628

    Raido Rune and Algiz Rune are 2 esxtinc rune, they was given to new users in the early day of gamehag, they are no more extist

    20 april 2019 07:47 1628

    You mean days deal? :))

    25 april 2019 11:45 1628

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