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    7707 SG!!!!

    How the heck people get that much SG in a single day??

    13 january 2019 15:28 1628

    Grind games and tasks. It's surprising but possible xD

    13 january 2019 16:19 1628

    Doing a lot of tasks, activating a Tiwaz rune and submitting them all in one go

    13 january 2019 17:52 1628


    13 january 2019 18:00 1628

    yeah hard as aama

    13 january 2019 19:09 1628

    writing lots of good articles daily with the Ansus rune, and doing every single game tasks every hour. You'll earn 5000 soul gems daily if you do all of that Every. Single. day. guaranteed losing your eyes because of the monitor screen!!

    13 january 2019 19:21 1628

    as @addwrd said, rewards from tasks differ tremendously from a country to another. same with the games available for you. if you're one of those who have 200sg maximum reward for a game you'll sure see it impossible. I don't think it's from GH's side tho.. it's games that favor some countries over the rest.

    14 january 2019 03:25 1628

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