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    My first reward - Process Log

    Alright! So I'm ordering my first reward from the site: a $20 Visa Prepaid Card, worth 10199 SG as of today. Will be posting everyday the status of my delivery, so you know what you can expect from this site. Hopefully it comes fast and safely!

    Day 0: ordering the card. I have 14740 SG, now reduced to 4541 SG. Let's see what happens next.

    13 january 2019 06:37 1628

    nice bro my 5$ steam wallet took about 7 days.
    of course it was during holidays so you will get it sooner :D

    13 january 2019 06:51 1628

    why cant i select some rewards

    13 january 2019 12:19 1628

    How much does it normally to get rewards?

    13 january 2019 12:24 1628

    wow thats a huge amount. Did you have had problems on completing games?

    13 january 2019 13:00 1628

    i like this site i just got deep freeze bundle i am so excited it only took 24 hours

    13 january 2019 13:03 1628

    > @broniko I actually did, at first with SAO tasks, but I managed to complete them. Then, Daybreak Origins and Idle Heroes never managed to work. Luckily, all other tasks I've done have gone smoothly. I collected that much cuz I was saving up for another reward, but found out it was better buying it with prepaid cards on somewhere else.

    > @blammer, that might be cuz of your IP. Some rewards are available only in certain countries. For example, I can't get Amazon Gift Cards.

    > @MeatEater people say they usually take about a week or even a day, but I don't know personally. That's why I'm doing this log!

    Btw, not gonna write another log right now. Maybe later. You'll notice the difference when it's a normal comment and not a log 😉
    Also, I would love it if everyone would help me keeping this thread spam free! Thanks!

    13 january 2019 19:15 1628

    alright, it looks like it's time for another log.

    Day #1: waiting for the reward still. Getting kinda anxious even. I remember one guy was making a log for a reward and got banned for multi-account, so doing this gives me the creeps. Still, patiently I wait.

    On a side note; I'm planning on games to do articles, thinking on Dead Space, Terraria or Prince of Persia. Maybe even DS games or retro games. What do you guys think?

    14 january 2019 05:11 1628

    Yeah, articles are a good idea! Terraria is so known you would have to be inventive to write something interesting about it. Personally I would like to read some articles on older Zelda titles. Let all the people who haven't played Ocarina of Time know what they missed in their lives 😁

    14 january 2019 13:43 1628

    You should get it in about a week, that's what I've heard from others

    14 january 2019 23:21 1628

    Alright so, I didn't write a log at the right time cuz i was busy at the time.
    In other news, heck the log! The reward arrived earlier today!
    only 2 days of wait, that was good.
    Thank you everyone who followed this thread, Imma lock it now!

    15 january 2019 18:05 1628

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