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    Minigame SG cap??

    So, I've played a little bit of minigames lately for some quick SG. More specifically, the Sorcerer one. I didn't even grinded that much, 20 SG at most. Now, it hasn't let me gain any more SG for 3 days straight because "enough is enough". If there's a cap on minigame SG gains, why isn't it specified? How much is it? AND WHEN CAN I PLAY MINIGAMES AGAIN???

    12 january 2019 08:08 1628

    I mostly just watch videos,they are unlimited, and you get per 15-45 seconds a soul gem.

    12 january 2019 09:14 1628

    The videos are not unlimited. It's max 100 SG/day.
    and for minigames they never ever worked for me so consider yourself lucky!

    12 january 2019 09:58 1628

    I mean, I mostly just do it cuz my OCD triggers with the uneven number on the SG, so i just get like 2 or 3. And I activated a rune too cuz my App Zone wasn't working and I haven't received the Article Review SG in some time. So why am I restricted to gain SG from minigames?

    Besides, NOWHERE in the site is specified that there's a cap on SG from minigames, so i think that's unfair

    12 january 2019 18:37 1628

    I never get a single SG from mini-game.

    12 january 2019 18:55 1628

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