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    Rejected for not making a new acc through link

    This game is on STEAM, and through the PLAY FOR FREE button you cannot register anywhere on the game's site, how am I supposed to make a new account then? Make a new STEAM account?

    11 january 2019 13:16 2240

    Yeah makes no sense, let's see how this will work out

    24 february 2019 22:21 2240

    Anyone could solve this, I had the same issue I took screenshot of each level I gained on steam

    26 february 2019 15:55 2240

    ive sent my ss to them, we will see

    3 march 2019 14:59 2240

    It was one of my favorite games.

    19 march 2019 15:28 2240

    Yeah I got rejected too for that.

    22 march 2019 13:34 2240

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