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    Review: Subnautica

    Subnautica is an open-world survival-adventure video game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, it seems like "mine craft" 

    the game starts when you found that your ship "Aurora" gets crashed and the only way to go is down into the water. You need to get the tools and equipment in order to repair your ship to get home, But you will face a lot of obstacles in the sea.

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    At first, you will see four choices 1-freedom: you will not need to get food or water also you will not die of thirst or hunger. 2-survival: you must find food and fresh water to stay alive. 3-hardcore: like survival mode with only one life and no Oxygen alerts. 4-creative: build anything with no constraints, oxygen, food, pressure, story, and death .when you go down into the water you will find a lot of aquatic vitality filled with horror and sharks. While you are in the water you have to sneak in to get the tools so that the dangerous animals do not notice you. So you should be patient while collecting the tools and food you want

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    This game depends on collecting resources from the bottom of the ocean to build new equipment and tools so that you can face the aquatic creatures that will face you when you collect the resources you will have to go back to your ship again To make the tools you need. As you discover the ocean full of horror you will have a specific diving range, you must open Seamoth and face the giant to get a larger diving range and then you will find higher resources.there is no map in the game so you can't know where you are so you have to be closed as much to your ship to avoid the Predatory Creatures in the dark.

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    You can also build an underwater base to store resources to replenish the oxygen supply while exploring the ocean. You can swim as fast as you can to survive the predators. You can build a pressure-resistant suit so you can get down to the deep ocean. In the dark, predators appear, so you must be careful. You should also monitor your oxygen levels and alerts system.

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    Where through you can know the Aquatic creatures near you and so the sound system is one of the most important and the best things in this game. You just have to play and enjoy these sounds

    Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, PlayStation 4

    Release date: January 23, 2018

    price: $24.99

    my opinion
    An amazing and lengthy experience. Atmospherically very well done fauna, flora and geological layout. And it even has some nice story moments sprinkled in. This is not simply survival/crafting game - it has a story which is minimalistic but very well written, with a very satisfying conclusion.

    11 january 2019 13:12 1625

    the content is good all i can say is wow

    11 january 2019 14:35 1625

    wonderful game

    11 january 2019 14:37 1625

    thats amazing

    11 january 2019 15:02 1625

    subnautcios best game evar

    12 january 2019 15:53 1625

    I aggre, its a great game, tho it was in the beta for like 2 years

    12 january 2019 18:25 1625

    as long as they make it good in the end!

    16 january 2019 13:54 1625

    I love subnautica, i`ve played it since it was in early development

    17 january 2019 12:58 1625

    subnautica was free for certain time and i have installed it.this game is really great

    18 january 2019 08:36 1625

    I LOVE Subnautica and I wish I had a better PC for playing it..

    19 january 2019 19:05 1625

    I love the game , but i hate reapers , they steal my seamoth

    21 january 2019 20:04 1625

    This has been on my Steam wishlist for a while, and I got my copy at Epic Games for free a few weeks ago. The game is really amazing.

    22 january 2019 15:57 1625

    I played this game when it was free on epic games and its wonderful!

    22 january 2019 20:25 1625

    Subnatica is a really great game. Who recomend 10 out of 10.

    22 january 2019 20:28 1625

    great artical and great game 9/10. also someone really needs to rewiew ZULA. I see it everywhere but nobody did a rewiew on it. its free

    23 january 2019 16:01 1625

    its an okay game

    23 january 2019 16:19 1625

    Dont like this game.

    23 january 2019 19:35 1625

    Nice content

    24 january 2019 01:14 1625

    nice 1 dude keep it up🚗

    24 january 2019 04:38 1625

    Nice its look good

    24 january 2019 04:50 1625

    looks pretty cool

    24 january 2019 10:41 1625

    never have got to play it.

    24 january 2019 10:41 1625

    look goods

    24 january 2019 12:27 1625

    Nice game!

    24 january 2019 12:31 1625

    Never played it

    24 january 2019 17:48 1625

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