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    Sending Soul Gems?!?

    There is a option on my gamehag app that says send soul gems. Now my question is what is it and how does it works?

    10 january 2019 12:42 1628

    it is so that you can send yours soul gems to somebody if you want
    simply place the number of how much of souls gems you want to send and nickname of other account you are sending to

    10 january 2019 12:53 1628

    Is there any requirments?? Like level or something else?

    10 january 2019 12:55 1628

    And limitation??

    10 january 2019 12:55 1628

    you have to be level6 and I think the minimum amount is like 500

    10 january 2019 13:23 1628

    what i know is you can do it in mobile apps, your account must be lvl 6 and minimum of 500 sg

    1 april 2019 06:34 1628

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