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    CSGO skin question

    Hi, i buy from gamehag a skin but dont arrive to my account. Why? Pls help.

    6 january 2019 14:28 1628

    first of all be patient and ask misty about your problem...before that did you really wait enough days before asking this question?...in addition please read the FAQ https://gamehag.com/faq or jump into their discord channel to ask questions https://discord.gg/W9DmGjW

    6 january 2019 22:10 1628

    Hi guys, I wonder is worth to buy a knife?? I mean a knife costs a lot of gems

    7 january 2019 22:42 1628

    It costs so much. If youre playing the game you should go for nice skins for M4 and AK and save for knife

    9 january 2019 14:56 1628

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