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    So, you can actually get 100 SG's for rating games.. so.. how do you actually do that?

    6 january 2019 13:37 1628

    i never heard about rating games to get SGs...afaik only re-evaluating arcticles, doing game tasks , play mini games and contracts...plus clicking on flying golden bat on the homepage to get some SGs...is that a new way to earn gems?

    6 january 2019 22:15 1628

    Well it says on the game/item key , "rate us and recieve 100 SG"

    7 january 2019 00:03 1628

    I saw that but I think it won't happen

    7 january 2019 06:39 1628

    Cs go is the best

    7 january 2019 06:49 1628

    well to be accurate gamehag is paying 100SGs for your review about their reward delivery service on their facebook fanpage...it is what we call customer testimonial...i thought there is a new way to get gems just by rating games...you misunderstood about it😆

    7 january 2019 22:35 1628

    nice ill do that

    27 february 2019 14:18 1628

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