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    Has anyone had a task accepted for Grepolis?

    I didn't see any positive comments in the feedback for this game. Everyone is complaining that no tasks are being accepted. I've tried playing, but haven't received a "starting playing" notification yet. Because of that I've been hesitant to put time into it. Has anyone actually had a task accepted for this thing?

    4 january 2019 16:47 2162

    u can talk with misty and send her link your screenshot

    26 april 2019 07:52 2162

    Yes I have had the first two tasks accepted, without the "started playing notification. It took a wile to get the second one though, and I haven't a clue how to finish the third, so it may not be worth the time considering the low reward.

    7 october 2019 02:29 2162

    i got 75 sg for completing the first task

    15 october 2019 14:34 2162

    grepolis hahhaha

    15 october 2019 17:50 2162

    Just build a lighthouse for those still stuck on task 3

    16 october 2019 03:03 2162

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