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    Review : Left 4 Dead 2

    hello again guys today we are going to look at one of the best and very popular first person Zombie shooting apocalypse game of 2011.This is a cooperative online zombie shooting game which became a very popular game during its launch and had keep growing from then up till now.This was very unique and very good looking game at that time.The graphics were decent and was a horror game at that time. The first Left 4 dead 1 was also a very cool looking game but the second version of the game was even better.It was increased in graphics and many more game changing updates.It fixed many of the bugs from the older version of the game.The developers listen to the community and try to improve their game by listening to the communities ideas. Introduction : Left 4 Dead 2 was fully launched at 2011 and the publisher and the developer of the game were Valve.This game was rated M and the game type is that it is a action,shooter,first-person, Sci-Fi,Tactical and Zombie horror game.The game is very fun to play with your friends and the game is very cheap it's just for $5 bucks and at any type of sale this becomes for $1 only. Characters : Their are a total of 8 characters that you can choose and play as that character and kill zombies.Their are 4 players that play in a game on campaign multiplayer.First character is Coach which is voiced by Chad L. coleman. The second character was Rochelle voiced by Rochelle Aytes. Third character is Nick voiced by Hugh Dlllon and the forth one is Ellis voiced by Erid Ladin.The four others were in the old Left 4 dead but these are also in some of the maps of Left 4 dead 2.One of them is Bill,Zoey,loius and francis. Game Modes : Their are a total of 8 game modes which are playable for each player.The list is down below : 1) Campaign : Campaign is a regular game mode in which you choose a map and try to end the chapters with your friends. 2) Mutation : You are the only man left on the earth and you have to survive all alone. 3) Play realism : In this game mode you are with your team mates and their are only team mates that will help you. 4) Play Versus : In this game mode you play as a human or as a infected.The team with the most points wins. 5) Realism Versus : In this game mode you are with your team mates but you cant see the enemies but they can see you. 6) Play Survival : In this game mode you play with your team mates and try to survive as long as you can and try to beat your score. 7) Scavenge : In this game mode you try to search for supplies as a human or infected and this is a round base competitive match. 8) Single Player : In this you play offline with computer controlled team mates and try to end all the chapters in the map. Add-Ons : This is the best thing valve has added to all most all of his games.This is a work shop where the community make some awesome this for example texture packs or some awesome kinds of maps.You can download these addons in just one click.i usually add csgo weapons to Left 4 dead 2 or call of duty texture packs.There are even more things to discover things.There are also custom character skins made by the community. Achievements : There are a total of 70 achievements that you have to complete in left 4 dead 2.Some are really easy while some are very hard and may take you many hours just to complete that achievement.For example there is a achievement to go to the safe room with out any damage or to complete the round or even a map without any deaths.There is also a achievement to kill this many zombies or infected in one chapter.My favorite one is in which you only have to use melee weapons and defend your selves for the whole map. This is the honest review about the game and i still think that you can get this game in 2019 with your friends specially because it;s really more fun with your friends.

    3 january 2019 08:57 1628


    3 january 2019 08:58 1628

    hi thank you

    3 january 2019 09:04 1628

    maybe you can add some pictures it would make this better

    3 january 2019 17:47 1628

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