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    Top 5 CS:GO good-looking but cheap skins

    Hello, everyone. In this article I have decided to talk about cheap but good looking cs:go skins, and I have sorted them in the Top 5 collection. Have in mind that this Top 5 listing is not some kind of official "Top 5 beautiful cheap skins" or whatsoever, it's just a list of skins I like and consider them cheap for their appearance.

    Before we start, I have to mention that information about paintings in this article are not written by me - they're taken from CSGOStash. 

    5. FAMAS | PULSE

    Famas | Pulse is a great-looking skin, painted with a hydrographic of bold fuchsia fragments. Well, let's consider that "great-looking skin" sentence. I wouldn't say that it's great-looking skin using any other wear other than Factory New. That may sound pretty much scary to you as FN skins usually cost much more than other wears, but have in mind that Factory New Famas - Pulse is worth only 2.20€, so I can say that it's a beautiful and cheap skin, and that's the reason why I have added it to this list as the number #5.


    PP-Bizon | Osiris is a simple but awesome looking skin, and it has deserved to get placed on this list. It's painted with a black, white and amber colour, and it just looks glorious. Other than Famas - Pulse, PP-Bizon | Osiris is a "good-looking skin" in FN and MW, and funniest of all - FN version of this skin is worth 0,60€ while MW is worth 0,40€. This awesome and simple skin has earned its place on this list, so I suggest you all buying it as I haven't added it to this list as the number #4 without a reason. 

    3. Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz

    Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz is a skin that not many people have seen or used, but a glorious and awesome looking one. It looks like one of those very expensive skins, but it is definitely not - it's worth only 0.13€ as FN, and it also has Souvenir versions which are worth around 300€. It's a glorious looking skin, I have to repeat it as it seriously is, as it has been painted with metallic paint, using a crystallizing mask to create a pattern. Like none of above, this skin is best looking in the WW condition, and even price is different as FN is worth 0.13€ while WW is worth 0.26€.

    2. MP9 | BIOLEAK

    MP9 | Bioleak is a beautiful skin, as varying shades of green create the illusion of a chemical spill and that's not something you can get cheap as many of you think right now - but you're wrong. This skin is worth only 0,18€ in FN condition, and it looks awesome in every condition except BS. Buy it if you're playing MP9, and as a cheap but beautiful skin - it has deserved to be placed on the Number 2.

    SSG-08 | Abyss is an awesome-looking skin, better than any of those beautiful skins above - so it's deserved to be N1 on this list. It has been painted with a hydrographic in an oceanic pattern. It comes from the Operation Breakout. I can bet that many of you have seen pro players wearing this skin and you didn't even know that it's cheap, but Scout | Abyss is a skin worth only 1.90€ in FN condition, but if you can't afford 1.90€ it looks awesome in the MW condition too and it costs only 0,56€.

    There are even more pieces of information to mention about  SSG-08 | Abyss since it's a glorious-looking skin even in BS condition. Down below you have the picture of the SSG-08 | Abyss in FN condition, and StatTrak SSG-08 | Abyss in the BS condition - check out which one is better.

    P.S. StatTrak SSG-08 |  Abyss is worth only 0,74€. 

    31 december 2018 04:55 1625

    very good article

    31 december 2018 05:57 1625

    i like the pp-bizon osiris

    31 december 2018 05:58 1625

    good nice article

    31 december 2018 06:09 1625

    u should try making an article

    31 december 2018 12:57 1625

    i like that

    31 december 2018 13:54 1625

    it is very good

    31 december 2018 14:07 1625

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    31 december 2018 20:58 1625

    Has anyone got anything except darkness two in the legendary chest?

    2 january 2019 17:48 1625

    Wow so nice

    11 january 2019 00:05 1625

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