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    The Truth Behind Pokemon Go

    Pokemon go, such a promising game, why did it happen?

    Pokemon Go

    I bet you heard about pokemon go, a promising game with people who waited to it's release for months.
    On it's release you'd find almost anyone with pokemon go on it's phone, what happened to pokemon go? Why did it die?
    There are many reasons to why pokemon go died, here I'll represent three of them.

    Please note that this article is based on my opinions.

    Pokemon go had a great idea that no one thought of before, combine outdoor activities (such as walking) with a fun and well made game.
    Pokemon go is a simple game, you walk around and catch pokemon, it had many features such as pokestops you can spin for pokeballs and other rewards, gyms where you can team up with other in order to maintain in your possesion and eggs you can hatch by walking.
    At it's start pokemon go made many people go out and walk in order to hatch pokemon and catch new pokemon, it was the hot topic everywhere, including the news, but not always as a good thing, which takes us to our first reason:

    The accidents 

    You might have heard the rumors about people dying while playing pokemon go, that scares a lot of people, parents started to think pokemon go has a bad influence on their kids.
    The truth is, people were reckless.
    Pokemon go was not made so people would drive while playing it for better results, it was meant to make people starting doing sports in a fun and enjoyable way.
    However, a few reckless people did not pay attention while playing and played in risky places which caused many people getting hurt, giving pokemon go a bad reputation.

    The hacks
    Another big reason for pokemon go's failure is the huge amount of hacks that were made, due to the fact so many people played it, so many different hacks were made for pokemon go and they simply couldn't keep up with all those hacks.
    Having so many hacks the point of pokemon go was missed, players who tried to play legit found the game awfully hard and players who used hacks found the game awfully boring, making people from both sides quit the game.

    The game

    As mentioned before, the game's idea was to make people start walking, on paper, this idea seemed like a great one, but after a while people decided they don't want to walk.
    The biggest problem in pokemon go was simply the fact it was based on walking, people don't want to walk nowadays, making pokemon idea seem like a great game at the start, but later on, when you get tired of walking, and the excitment of finding a new pokemon is lower, pokemon go becomes less attractive than before, causing many people to stop playing.

    The players
    As mentioned, pokemon go had a lot of players, so I think it's obvious most of them didn't actually play pokemon or were pokemon fans.
    This may not be the real reason, but to them pokemon go was a game to play for a bit then delete.
    They didn't understand the mechanics of pokemon and how thing work, causing a lot of pokemon go memes appear.
    As the players didn't know the mechanics of pokemon go, after a while they got bored, as they had nothing to wait for, while pokemon fans were waiting for pokemon go to add another generation with new pokemon, the players who weren't pokemon fans just thought that's where the game ends, and slowly got bored of it even if they weren't affected by the other reasons.

    Pokemon go is not completely dead as there are still a lot of people playing and a lot of new features being added however, there are way less players now than there were when it just started.

    30 december 2018 03:28 1625

    I mean...yeah. Pokemon go wasnt a bad game, the users were either reckless or cheaters. Resulting in it dying. Wich is sad because it was a pretty nice trick to force introverts like me outside 😅

    23 august 2019 10:16 1625

    nice topic

    24 august 2019 15:21 1625

    pokemon go make me fall from the bridge

    24 august 2019 19:56 1625

    nah i dont play this game anymore

    8 november 2019 14:20 1625

    nice artilce man

    9 november 2019 15:09 1625

    i loved the game

    9 november 2019 16:36 1625

    Ya I know right?

    9 november 2019 16:40 1625

    not bad

    9 november 2019 16:45 1625

    As mentioned before, the game's idea was to make people start walking, on paper, this idea seemed like a great one, but after a while people decided they don't want to walk.

    9 november 2019 16:52 1625

    love pokmon go

    9 november 2019 17:02 1625

    hi😍 pokemon go

    9 november 2019 17:03 1625

    yes pokemon go yes yes

    9 november 2019 17:04 1625

    i know the there are accidents but lets be a little realistic here
    there are barely any players in 2019

    9 november 2019 17:20 1625

    its looks very nice

    3 february 2020 10:08 1625

    I like pikachu pika pika?

    21 february 2020 10:41 1625

    Im Shaco Add Me

    21 february 2020 14:15 1625

    I Wanted To Play But I Dont Have Enough Space On My Phone

    21 february 2020 14:15 1625


    21 february 2020 15:17 1625

    Wow amizing that

    22 february 2020 06:11 1625

    not that good game but nice text about it

    23 february 2020 16:18 1625

    Currently Pokemon GO is earning more money than it ever did during launch. Game didn't die out.

    24 february 2020 07:38 1625

    its very good nice one bro

    24 february 2020 09:51 1625

    pokemon i have full inventory

    24 february 2020 10:23 1625

    That game has to stop because it's dangerous and can get you killed.

    10 april 2020 15:05 1625

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