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    How it works

    How it works?

    How works receiving gems on forum? If u know answer 😉

    29 december 2018 18:53 1628

    I think that you have to write a lot on forums

    29 december 2018 19:04 1628

    i tried wrote own topic as u see, but you are probably right. Mayby if get like or something like this can count to :)

    29 december 2018 19:06 1628

    You comment which gives you xp (which is less and less once you level) once you hit level 3 you get 15 gems and then 30 gems for level 4, 45 for level 5 etc... (unless this has changed)

    To be honest I'd stick to watching the app zone, playing games and writing/rating articles.

    Do not spam the forum, you will lose xp & it can lead to a ban.

    Have fun.

    29 december 2018 19:10 1628

    .But I was wrong! When I started playing I've understood thatit's realy interestin and atmospheric game that m how to download this game

    15 february 2020 09:34 1628

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