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    what are happening to my rewards?

    so ive gotten two random steam games today from chests and each time it will say the reward is being dispatched so id log off for a while and when i get back on it says the rewards were refunded?wtf? thank god they were both 2 cheap games i wouldnt play anyway, but i just got darkness 2 from a chest and im for sure gonna want to play it, wtf do i gotta do to ensure they dont get refunded?

    29 december 2018 09:20 1628

    please inform the support on discord they will help you out
    Gamehag channel
    URL: discord.gg/W9DmGjW

    29 december 2018 09:33 1628

    you need to wait up to 24 hours, but when i got game cd-codes i could use them after like 10 min, so i dont know what went wrong :/

    29 december 2018 11:30 1628

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