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    Easy way to earn 10 MORE sg for loging in every day for 7 days.

    Buy the mannaz rune for 10 sg and if you log in every day with it active. You will get 10 more sg per week with this rune active. (20 if you already have it, but since this is about buying the rune you only get 10 more sg). It's really easy. Sure, 10 sg isn't much, but you basically don't even need to anything apart from buying and activating the rune.

    28 december 2018 16:21 1628

    Idk if you understand what i wrote, but just buy the rune, activate it and you will get free bonus sg.

    28 december 2018 16:22 1628

    ^ The rune basically give you extra SG for your daily login for a week ^^

    28 december 2018 16:58 1628

    You know posting links to other sites is not allowed in gamehag?

    28 december 2018 17:19 1628

    You just get 4 free sg; it doesn't apply to the weekly 20sg bonus

    28 december 2018 17:26 1628

    Hm. Didn't know that.
    It's still free bonus sg.

    28 december 2018 17:29 1628

    Thanks for the info, Micker. Didn't know about it before.

    29 december 2018 10:23 1628

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