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    Gamehag Review

    Hello, My Name Is Ahmed I Live in Pakistan I Want To Create A Content About This WEbsite.

    Gamehag Presentation:
    Gamehag Is The #20th Best Steam items Earning...
    Gamehag is a totally free website which allows you to get rewards by completing specific tasks in free games, writing articles, downloading mobile apps and much more.

    In order to get your reward, you must have your Soul Gems (the currency used on this website) with which you will be able to choose your reward in the Shop where you can get Paysafecard, Steam Wallet top-ups, Google Play cards, Game Keys, PlayStation Network top-ups, Riot Points, CS: GO skins or virtual currency for online games. Gamehag does also have a mobile application for Android and iOS.

     a way for gamers to earn money and games by playing games. With a unique concept, own community and many ways to earn this is the best place for gamers that want to earn some extra cash or games. 

    On the site, you can earn Soul Gems (currency on the website) by playing games and completing tasks for that game. You have to submit proof that you have played and completed the task. The proof got accepted within 10 minutes
    Apart from that, you can also earn by writing articles for a specific game or participate in the giveaways and contests! Still nothing for you? There are also some offerwalls and a Mobile app (iOS and Android)! With the mobile app, you will unlock more games (mobile games) and you will get a free Mobile chest (one-time).

    The tasks are not difficult to complete and there are many rewards! Get Steam gift cards (5$-50$), Visa Prepaid cardsPaysafecardKinguin gift cardGoogle Play and many more. Apart from gift cards, you can also cash out your earnings in games like Rocket LeagueFalloutMinecraftGTAVPUBGBattlefield and many more!.

    What makes Gamehag stand out?
    Well, Gamehag has its own unique concept (Magic stylish). Even its own community and profile system, this makes it very easy to communicate and make new friends on the site. You can participate in comments under games and help Gamehag with updating news articles about the games listed. For helping them with writing articles you can get some extra gems (1000 Gems/article). 

    Apart from all that, there are also chests! Three Free chests (Weekly, Monthly, and Steam daily) containing gamesrandom steam keys, and Runes. What are those runes? Runes are gems with special abilities like gem boosters.

    Of course, there are more chests, containing more and different games. Those chests are not free! You have to pay for a chest with Soul Gems. Keep in mind, game keys are delivered to you under the 10 minutes. After buying a chest and opening it, you'll
    Are you someone that want to check the site daily? That's good! You get Soul Gems for logging in daily! You will get 5 Soul Gems every day + 20 Soul Gems if you have logged in for 7 days in a row. And that's not all, you will get the weekly chest filled with Runes and boosters! 

    Refer people to Gamehag and receive extra Soul Gems based on the number of users you have referred. Referring can be done by signing up under your referral link or by filling your Code in. You will receive 250 Gems for 10 users and 10.000 gems for 500 users! :eek:

    Are you convinced?

    If you are not convinced yet, here is some more proof! ;)

    - Unique concept
    - Rewards are fast delivered
    - Fast task completion 
    - Good community

    - I haven't found any cons! 

    27 december 2018 21:17 1625

    Amazing review :P. I will give you a 9/10

    28 december 2018 00:53 1625

    Thank U Patrick_star

    28 december 2018 09:17 1625

    Okay man, nice work.

    28 december 2018 09:55 1625

    Thanks, good for new people

    28 december 2018 10:12 1625

    hey, help please why I can't log in with my phone? in inputting same email and password

    28 december 2018 11:47 1625

    yea sure bro ty

    28 december 2018 12:23 1625

    Good job and pretty good article but why here?

    29 december 2018 00:25 1625

    Huge Thanks, DanielAg135, GreatDragon, CryAlone9, Farnam,gabrijel_ladic, Mathi98765, asha1

    29 december 2018 04:58 1625

    The con side is that every time you watch ads on app and leave comments, you need to wait for exactly 24 hours to get those gems and xp again, and there's no countdown timer or such thing you can look.

    29 december 2018 14:51 1625

    It really was a useful post . good luck

    29 december 2018 16:14 1625

    Thanks For Your Appreciation Guys I Am Nothing WIthout You Keep It Up

    czeri_yvelas, addwrd, .1, nero100

    30 december 2018 08:04 1625

    nicely done, but sounds a bit plagiarism-ly

    30 december 2018 08:15 1625

    Copying others' work is basically stealing, and you're replying back to compliments as if it's actually yours!
    Original Source: https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/gamehag-reviews-scam-or-legit.800/
    And you did the same today with another copied article and you had to write at the beginning that it is written by you!
    just an advice, write your own article.. copying in gamehag won't get you SG.

    5 january 2019 20:02 1625

    Thanks GUys

    6 january 2019 08:27 1625

    I Didn't Copy IT.

    I Just Writed
    And Just Seen It From There U

    6 january 2019 08:34 1625

    THank Chrisfromyt

    6 january 2019 08:48 1625

    nice it looks pretty good

    6 january 2019 10:56 1625

    good job man keep it up!

    6 january 2019 11:02 1625

    Thanks @swm_error @blaven789

    6 january 2019 19:09 1625

    can you please lock this , people come here and just say "thanks", "welldone" and so on.
    if you keep doing this i will report all of these comments as SPAM
    if you have any suggestion for the writer or want to share knowledge with him, write a comment

    8 january 2019 00:14 1625

    10 out of 10

    9 january 2019 19:15 1625

    Is this spam?

    11 january 2019 12:59 1625

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